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Texapon is a very concentrated anionic surfactant whose color is light yellow


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  1. What is Texapon?
  2. Texapon production and synthesis
  3. Application of Texapon
  4. Dangers of Texapon
  5. Price inquiry and purchase of Texapon


What is Texapon?

Texapon is a very concentrated anionic surfactant whose color is light yellow. Also known as sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES). which consists of the combination of a fatty alcohol such as coconut oil with ethylene oxide.

Texapon is an emulsifier, foaming agent, foaming agent and dissolution accelerator. This material dissolves easily in any type of water and with any quantity with a lot of foam and fats are removed.

There are two types of texapone, plain texapone (70% texapone), which is used to make clear detergents, and shell texapone, which is used to make gloss detergents.


Texapon production and synthesis

Texapon is produced through the autoxidation of a fatty alcohol. As a result, it turns into half ester of sulfuric acid and is neutralized by turning it into sodium salt.


Application of Texapon

Texapon is widely used in the formulation of all ranges of industrial cleaners, commercial head and body washes, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cream and lotion.

  • It is used in the fields of industrial formulation, household liquid cleaners, washing powder, degreasing of plating and leather industry, and dish detergent.
  • Due to the good Texapon foam, it is suitable for laundry detergent and hard surface cleaner gel.


The dangers of Texapon

  • Skin damage: Texapon and other anionic surfactants damage the epidermal tissue of the skin. In fact, most skin reactions to health products are due to the surfactants in them.
  • Oral damage: Texapon is also very harmful to the oral mucosa. Many people suffer from oral mucosal diseases due in large part to the presence of texapone in the toothpastes and formulations they use.

Price inquiry and purchase of Texapon

Due to the wide and varied use of texapon, Oxin Chemistry Company has made it possible to purchase this useful material in small and large quantities for respected buyers to provide the materials needed by their industries at a reasonable cost. To inquire about the price and buy Texapon, please contact our colleagues



Baxim Company


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