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etidronic acid

etidronic acid


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  1. What is etidronic acid?
  2. Production and synthesis of etidronic acid
  3. Application of etidronic acid
  4. Dangers of etidronic acid
  5. Price inquiry and purchase of etidronic acid


What is etidronic acid?

Etidronic acid (HEDP), also known as etidronate, is a non-nitrogenous bisphosphonate that is used in medicine, detergent, water purifier, and in cosmetics.

Etidronic acid, is one of the salts of etidronic acid, it is a chelat agent. Chelat agents can separate metal ions or free minerals.

Etidronic acid acts as an antioxidant and prevents the change of color, texture and fragrance of soap and stabilizes formulas. It also reduces the hardness of water and gives a soft feeling to the skin.


Production and synthesis of etidronic acid

Etidronic acid can be prepared by reacting phosphorus trichloride with acetic acid in a tertiary amine or by reacting an acetic acid/acetic anhydride mixture with phosphoric acid.

The synthesis of HEDP by the reaction of phosphorus trichloride and acetic acid has advantages: easy access to raw materials and cheap price, mild reaction conditions, atmospheric pressure, temperature is 25 °C, simple process, easy operation, production safety and product purity up to 95% or more. Therefore, using this method to produce HEDP is more economical and practical.


Application of etidronic acid


  1. HEDP is used as an inhibitor in concrete, sediment and corrosion inhibition in circulating cooling water system, oil field and low pressure boilers in fields such as electricity, chemical industry, metallurgy, fertilizer, etc.
  2. In the dyeing industry, HEDP is used as a peroxide stabilizer and color stabilizer.
  3. In cyanide-free electroplating, HEDP is used as a shilling agent.
  4. The dose of 1-10 mg/L is used as a sediment inhibitor, 10-50 mg/L as a corrosion inhibitor, and 1000-2000 mg/L as a detergent.
  5. HEDP is usually used together with polycarboxylic acid (superlubricant) where it acts as a reducing agent.


The dangers of etidronic acid

Based on available data, exposure to etidronic acid does not cause serious health damage. The toxic effects of chronic exposure to etidronic acid and its salts are related to its ability to chelate metal ions and affect calcium and iron homeostasis.


Price inquiry and purchase of etidronic acid

Due to the wide and varied use of etidronic acid, Oxin Chemistry Company has made it possible to buy this useful material in small and large quantities for respected buyers to provide the materials needed by their industries at a reasonable cost. To inquire about the price and buy etidronic acid in large quantities, please contact our colleagues.




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