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About Oxin Shimi

Supplier and importer of chemicals

Experience is walking a path that has many ups and downs. Oxin Shimi Toos Company, by using capable people in a knowledge-based set and with the support of traditional methods, is with you in walking this path with all the facilities and in order to research, develop and provide the best raw materials and related engineering services for growth. As much as possible, the industries of our beloved country Iran do not spare any effort. Oxin Shimi Toos Company, with its domestic offices in Mashhad and Tehran and foreign offices in China and Turkey, has been able to meet all the needs of domestic industries in a desirable way.

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یوسف صناعت
Y.Sanaat Chairman of the Board
مرتضی صادق زاده
M.Sadegh Zadeh Manager of contracts
M.Sanaat CEO
سعید حسینی
S.Hosseini Sales Expert
علی علیزاده
A.Alizadeh International business manager
ساناز آسایی
S.Asaei Sales Expert
لادن هاشمی
L.Hashemi Sales Manager
مهدی مصدق
M.Mossaddegh R&D expert